About Allfon

Transforming organizations through Innovative Solutions

About Allfon

Founded in 2000, Allfon is an information technology consulting, systems integration and offshore development company. Starting with the fundamentals of information technology support and administration, Allfon has grown with its customers to provide proven and progressive end-to-end IT service solutions including application development and integration, data management, business intelligence, unified collaboration and communications, and managed services coupled with high-level, performance-driven business consulting solutions such as performance management, business process management, and business activity monitoring.

Our goal is to passionately provide deep, dynamic, on-demand, strategic business and technology consulting that empowers your people and unifies your processes, data and systems. Designed in concert with your business goals and objectives our solutions drive innovation across your organization - improving your bottom line, creating a competitive advantage, positioning you for growth and lowering your total cost of ownership.

At Allfon our goal is to provide deep, dynamic on-demand solutions tailored to meet your specific goals and objectives. Our work is centered around proven technology platforms, applications, best-in-class business processes, modes of communication and levels of support. By coupling our consultative approach with market-leading technology we are able to pair technology expertise with industry specific business acumen - giving you the level of excellence you expect from a world-class consulting firm.


Create a written understanding of what the organization is trying to achieve at a unit, department and organizational level. Document existing topography and environment.


Map a solution and strategy to company goals and objectives, marrying investment to real and proven ROI.


Architect a solution that leverages existing investments, that scale to meet the demands of the marketplace and has the flexibility to be re-architected with minimal out-of-pocket expense.


A team of experts both business and technical develop a solution that includes complex logic, technical architecture, and business process improvement.


Fluid assimilation of new solutions seamlessly working with people, process and other technology and systems.


Successfully launching the solution includes user acceptance testing, training and organization-wide change enablement roll-out.


Whether it is time & materials support, on-premise support, managed service support or an operational support agreement, support is architected to meet your unique needs.


System monitoring, scheduled assessments; we've pre-built in review and assessment to ensure you are receiving the desired business benefit.


A team of business and technology experts re-assess your solution, compare it to current business demands and optimize for organizational and market change.


Key to any new initiative is how to sunset your solution and ensure that valuable dollars are not wasted supporting an antiquated or un-useful solution. We plan and monitor the sun-setting of our solutions to ensure you the lowest total cost of ownership.

We have one goal in mind - yours; whether that is helping you achieve strategic initiatives, capitalize on competitive advantage, leverage your intellectual property across the organization or realize the lowest total cost of ownership, we're here to partner with you to drive innovation, collaboration, optimization and profitability.