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Business Strategy

Profit, success and continued growth are all achieved through an essential element to any organization.

  • Business strategy
  • Customer value competition
  • Industry changes
  • Business model
  • Innovation
  • Business process redesign

These are just a few factors that your organization must not only keep pace with, but strive to master in order to drive ongoing business success.

The correct business strategy is the essential first step to achieving high performance, but it is not enough. To execute the strategy effectively and the high-octane results you require, organizational structure must be aligned with business goals. This is not easy. In a recent Accenture survey, four of the top five business issues identified by senior executives were related to organizational, people and leadership issues.

Our business strategy expertise can provide help with segmentation, innovative value propositions, risk identification, technology investment and alignment, innovation and development of new business models, all of which can be delivered with Allfon's capabilities to drive efficiencies, improve education business processes, increase cost reduction, and reallocate funds to students.

Change Management

Education leaders recognize the profound need to innovate in order to drive fundamental change within their organizations. Education executives must personally lead innovation, establishing conditions that ignite ideas and drive their execution. Not a "bandwagon" approach, but true transformational leadership.

Managing transformation, creating a vision of teaming, major process changes, innovating technologies, implementing structures and networks, and establishing a participatory culture. These are all services which support your business in successfully achieving and sustaining major organizational change.

Change Management Challenges

  • How does your organization develop a change mindset?
  • How does your organization align key stakeholders around the goals of transformations?
  • What can your business do to increase the flexibility of your organization and align with business priorities?
  • What is your strategy for tightly aligning processes, organizational and technological changes?
  • How will you manage expectations and guide people through challenges that arise within your organization?

Organizational Change Capabilities

  • Change leadership: Develop a culture for change.
  • Change execution: Help people and organizations overcome major changes.
  • High-performance culture: Recognize the importance of organizational culture as a key enabler of business performance.
  • Value realization: Build the business case to drive the change program.
  • Problem leadership and governance: Ensure focus, alignment, and execution discipline to achieve desired benefits on time and within budget.
  • Organization design: Align organizational structures and networks to delivery of business objectives.
  • Stakeholders engagement and communications: Identify, align and obtain commitment for change.
  • Culture transformation: Enhance organizational performance for increased productivity.
  • Collaboration and partnering: Enable organization innovation through highly beneficial relationships.
  • Technology driven change management: Align people with technology driven change.

Organizational change services provide the human focus that helps enable these benefits through managing all aspects required for achieving sustainable change.

Our team has solid experience creating transformational change for clients and serving as trusted business advisors.