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Performance Management

Today, modern enterprises understand that using data to derive insight is more than operational reporting and financial roll-ups. Today, data is transformed into insight and delivered at the point of need. Information is delivered on demand in the right-time, in formats that enable business leaders to act in ways that are beneficial to the business and optimize performance. In this environment, data transcends its transactional role to become a key strategic enabler of an enterprise's performance and success.

Ongoing strategic planning keeps successful educational organizations at the top. But strategy, no matter how well-defined, does not deliver value until it's deployed.

Improving business strategy across an organization requires the continuous analysis of operational detail, assessment and management of risk, and refinement of metrics. Performance-focused organizations can respond more quickly to changes from internal or external factors. In addition, performance-focused organizations create a better environment for Innovation.

How can those strategic initiatives be connected to operations and subsequent business results?

An Integrated Approach to Performance Management

Allfon's (D3MS) Data Driven Making Solution helps organizations develop metrics, processes and tools that link business strategy to identified performance management goals. D3MS can help you analyze processes and create transparency and accountability. Further it can give you the means to track progress, forecast performance more accurately and help you change the course smoothly when needed to support your strategic goals.

A performance-focused culture also provides an opportunity to improve your return on innovation and reward top performers. Allfon 's D3MS solution can assist as your organization moves to:

  • Shift the focus from "doing the same with less" to "doing it better and cheaper."
  • Transform more traditionally tactical departments, such as finance and operations, into strategic contributors.
  • Create a more cohesive workforce through clarified roles and responsibilities coupled with performance measurements.

Where Business Insight Meets the Real-World Challenges of Education

Allfon aligns strategic planning with your daily operations. Our D3MS offering provides:

  • Focused attention on total enterprise performance improvement - From test scores, to program spending, to IT spending, our solution accounts for and assesses performance across the enterprise.
  • Visible operational insight - Access the data you need to make informed decisions, including timely performances metrics, cyclic and data consolidation details, and security and audit trails.
  • Improved performances and efficiencies - Streamline every level of your organizational with targeted performance evaluations that zero in on your strategic goals - and your educational bottom line.